Fun with UFF Das

Uff Da - Just another Snowbird

Most of the snowbirds arriving every year in Texas, California, Florida and other places do not have feathers at all, they only got sun block and flip flops. They do not eat worms and flies. They Arrive when the winter at their own place is appoaching, then they settle down to soak up sun. They fly back home when winter is over - usually you can see that they head towards the northern parts of the world. Some of the locals utter UFF DA or other similar words when the snowbirds arrive in large quantities. When the snowbird season starts they know that the local pubs, shops, beaches and parks get more crowded. Other of the local people just love the snowbird season since they get to meet new and old friends.

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Uff Da - Soup and Runny noses

No need to explain this one, right? Eating soup when you got a runny nose is no fun.